Kamlesh Darji KD.

Engineer by Misstake, Comedian By Heart

Kamlesh Darji who is also known as KD is into the field of Standup Comedy as his hobby since couple of years, to be precise: 2013. He is officially trained at Café Comedy, which is India’s only Standup Comedy training academy by Amit Khuva. In a funny yet obvious introduction of him, KD is ‘Engineer by Misstake & Comedian by Heart.’ By academics, He is an industrial electronics engineer and he is also exploring the theme engineering in his shows as a subject of his standup comedy performances. He is working in a MNC company which brings him the corporate environment so his content runs around the office incidents mainly with his amazing comic timing.

His language of performing varies from Gujarati to Hindi depends on the type of audience attending the event. He is more then passionate about Humor as he always do various experiments on stage every time he performs. Along with Standup Comedy, he is also good at Improv, GAG, Live Sketches, Mimicry and Musical Comedy.

He is also acting actively and humorously for the YouTube channel HUMOR VALLEY which is a Cafe Comedy’s official You Tube Channel.

Cafe Comedy x

Cafe Comedy is India’s first and only comedy training academy founded by Amit Khuva who is working as a professional comedian in various live and television shows for 15+ years. Due to lack of official platforms for aspiring comedians to grow their comedy careers, he came up with the concept of Cafe Comedy Academy.

Cafe Comedy is also working as a Group of Comedians who perform regularly at different events of Cafe comedy in Gujarat State and in other states of the country as well. As a Comedy Group with more than five years of experience, we are more focussed on exploring different 30+ types of Comedy like Standup, Mimicry, Sketch, Improv, Satire, Musical, Conundrum, wit and much more in both Traditional and Urban Style of Comedy. However ‘Clean Comedy’ has always been the USP of our performances for each and every event that we conduct.

We also have introduced our official YouTube Channel named ‘Humor Valley’ which produces original sketches, standup and much more types of videos on regular basis in Gujarati, Hindi & English.

If you want to learn comedy as a profession and looking for a space to start with, we are always here to help you out! And if you are the one who loves entertainment and also wants to entertain the people around, we would be glad to perform at your corporate, private or any type of event. Let us together make your event a memorable experience in terms of craziness and stomach aching laughter!
Cafe Comedy is ready to create a remarkable diversity in the Humor Industry.

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