This show was known as 1st Friday with KDLIVE previously and The KDLIVE Show is a new name from April 2023 onwards.  Under the show we are doing celebrity interviews in a funny way mostly in Gujarati Language, yes, we are open to Hindi also. 

We are starting the show with a funny standup act by Kamlesh Darji KDLIVE, then we invite Main Guest and we will be having a funny conversation so that the viewers can enjoy the live moment.

We have gag acts in between and we also do improv comedy and some games as and when required.
It’s a live show of approximately 2 hours of length and we do it without taking any tickets from the Audience.

Our show Sponsor: Matrubharti

The KDLIVE Show Team

  • Suraj Baraliya : Writer
  • Nikhil Ddiwan: Director
  • Harssh Ddiwan: Camera and Editing
  • Srujal Doshi: Actor And Standup Comedian
  • Smit Joja: Actor
  • Shailee Pandya: Actress,
  • Choreographer and Anchor
  • Deep Khatri: Actor, Standup Comedian and Poet

Our Venue Partners:

  • Prayogshala
  • Cheese Box Studio
  • Natrang, Studio Pepperfry
  • Café Skryf
  • Scrapyard
  • Footlight Theatre
  • and others.

Our NGO               1) Dot to Drawing Foundation          2)Friends Foundation        3)HIV Organization PALDI

1st Friday with KDLIVE both season available at Matrubhati app and YouTube Chenal.

Season 1: 13 Episodes & Season 2: 12 Episodes